Project Funding

The Aquatic Wellness Center (AWC) of Grants Pass, Oregon is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. It grew out of a water-safety (drowning-prevention) and therapy program developed over the last 50 + years by founder, Myrna Shaneyfelt. The program already serves over 600 families (800 children) during the summer months at Myrna's home pool.


Over one-quarter of the students are second generation learner swimmers, another quarter are physically and/or mentally disabled infants, children and adults. AWC aims to create a national training program to teach and train a new generation of instructors to perpetuate Myrna's unique technique in drown-prevention.


The Aquatic Wellness Center will be a year-round large warm water rehab, therapy, and swimming facility to benefit the community Grants Pass and surrounding area.


One of the featured pools when the project is completed is a 25' x 50' hydro-therapy pool with built in entrance ramp and special aquatic exercise bicycles. The warm water temperature will be a comfortable 90-93 degrees.

Pool design interior


Pool Design Exterior


Pool Plan Exterior

Cardiac patients, cystic fibrosis patients, all post operative patients, will find benefit in the warm water experience. Not counting those who are suffering from pain and this environment helps in pain management as well as those who need a low-impact exercise area. Even psychiatric patients will be able to build skills and positive interactions within the warm water.

Income from regular day use, competition fees, rental fees, swimming lessons, scuba lessons, etc, will allow us to offer our therapy to those from needy families on a sliding scale basis.


Our First Priorities:

  1. Completing a Feasibility Study for our multi-million capital project: finalizing our Capital Campaign budget, plans and materials: and enhancing, the architect's conceptual design.
  2. Grant writing to research to prepare and submit the applications for grants to various foundations and trusts.
  3. Help Raise Funds: There are several ways people can be involved in Raising funds for this project. Several such affiliate marketing programs are now in place: see Freelifee/Goji Berry Juice, eScript, Juice Plus (see below for more details).

Ways You Can Help Support the AWC


Make a Donation

You can also greatly help the Aquatic Wellness Center my making a direct donation to the AWC with a check or money order. You can now also donate with your credit card and Paypal. Remember your donation is tax deductible. Click here to donate



Support the AWC with Nutrition Supplements


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If you have any positive suggestions/leads that would help us in our presentation and promoting of this project or if one wishes to donate, time, talent and money, please contact Myrna Shaneyfelt.




Myrna Shaneyfelt & the Aquatic Wellness Center take no responsibility for the improper usage of any training techniques shown on this site. The techniques are taught by experienced and professionally trained aquatic personal, and should not be tried by individuals that don't have proper training.