Statement of Purpose

The Aquatic Wellness Center has been established as a non-profit organization with plans to provide for the Community of Grants Pass, Oregon, an Aquatics Center that will provide Recreational Swimming, Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation, Swimming Lessons and Water Survival Skills for infants children, adults and the handicapped using Myrna Shaneyfelt's techniques. It hopes to provide the following:

(a detailed plan of the pool is found on the Pool Design page).

  1. Two Warm Water pools:
        A Hydro Therapy pool.
        A 25 yard by 25 yard oval moving water pool.
  2. A 25 yard 6 lane competitive pool for various general use and lessons.
  3. A zero depth Spray and Splash area.
  4. A Multi Slide Pool area.
  5. Concession Stands.
  6. Conference/Party rooms.
  7. Family Changing rooms.
  8. Privacy Changing areas and Showers.
  9. Offices for rent to associated professionals.
  10. Hydro Riders - Aquatic fitness bikes.
  11. Flowrider, where patrons Pay to Surf, drawing International Competition.
  12. Training center using Myrna Shaneyfelt's aquatic skills and drown-proofing techniques.
  13. Grants and scholarships for those with mental/physical challenges of all ages.
  14. Day use and Competitive and Safety programs.
  15. Ozone purification system.
  16. Solar Heating and Electric systems.
  17. Moveable Floors.
  18. Retractable roof.

We are now in the process of raising the necessary funds to build the center. You can get more information on how we're funding the project and find out how you can get involved on our Project Funding Page.

Here is the conceptual diagram for the facility.

And welcome any of your ideas in helping us turn this vision in to a reality soon. I welcome your positive suggestions. Feel free to contact us.





Myrna Shaneyfelt & the Aquatic Wellness Center take no responsibility for the improper usage of any training techniques shown on this site. The techniques are taught by experienced and professionally trained aquatic personal, and should not be tried by individuals that don't have proper training.