Teaching Techniques

Infant Survival

Myrna's specialty is infant swimming & survival which is also known as drown-proofing. The youngest age she teaches is from 3 months old on up.



The swim-survival-safety technique that she has developed over her 50 year career, is based on a controlled method of teaching infants/babies to roll to their backs after submersion and to be able to sustain a floating position until help arrives.

This bridges the "danger" gap until the baby/child is old enough to learn to swim and take breaths on their own. This method has been credited for saving many toddlers and children's lives around water.


Confidence and Relaxation

All first time swimmers are taught Myrna's survival method. It builds confidence, eliminates fear, and helps students to relax in the water. Once at ease then formal stroking and survival techniques can be introduced for more developmental skills.


Methodology and Techniques

Whether working with aldults, children or the handicapped, the methodology and technique is the same. Using safe techniques in a controlled envirnonment, fear is replaced with fun and progress develops quickly.


Parent/Child Classes

Danger is always present in the hands of the inexperienced so parents play a large part of the student's training program and time is spent teaching and instructing parents with the correct technique. With over 50 years of teaching experience, I have never had a case of infant intoxication.


Child Development

Infant swimming does stimulate the motor and sensory areas of the brain. The child develops muscle tone, and better motor skills, has a greater attention span and there is a special bonding with the parents. Results skilled & proud children and proud parents.

The awe and joy come in watching the children, some as young as one year, learn how to dive from the diving board. rolling onto their backs before swimming back to the side of the pool.









Myrna Shaneyfelt & the Aquatic Wellness Center take no responsibility for the improper usage of any training techniques shown on this site. The techniques are taught by experienced and professionally trained aquatic personal, and should not be tried by individuals that don't have proper training.