Hundreds of children have been helped and touched by the skills that Myrna is hoping to pass on with the creation of the Aquatic Wellness Center. Here are a few...



Lessons Saved my Daughter's Life

My daughter Hailey is two years old, and on june 25th, she almost drowned.

We were at my friends house setting up for her wedding, and the kids were playing in her above ground pool. Hailey had a life jacket on while playing, and she was mostly just hanging on to the ladder. Well, the bigger girls decided to go inside and play so they all got out of the pool, and headed inside. Hailey was following (now, without vest and regular diapers on) and I thought she went in, well, she must have changed her mind and decided to go back into the pool. I think what happened was she climbed in the pool and was holding on to the ladder like earlier, and she must have slipped. I think her diaper was weighing her down and pulling her under the water.

I heard a noise and all I could think was, oh, my god! Hailey is in the pool! I ran over to see Hailey floating on her back. Arms and legs out. Lips purple. I pulled her out and she started to cry, and then threw up. When the paramedics came they said there was no water in her lungs and she was fine.

I was one of those parents who never thought that this could happen to me. I watch my chldren very close, and this day there were two other adults watching also; so don't ever doubt what they are capable of doing and how fast they can do it.

Hailey had only two weeks of swim lessons with Myrna, about three weeks before this had happened. Hailey had learned how to turn on her back in an emergency, and this I believe saved her life.

Thank God & Myrna

I am so grateful for this wonderful woaman/teacher, she absolutely is the best.

Fear of Swimming

Chris had a fear of swimming, especially going underwater. After numerous private lessons elsewhere, he still didn't have the confidence to succeed. Then he met Myrna! Now he can swim underwater, jump off the diving board and loves to swim! Myrna calls him Chris-fish!
Thank-you Myrna, You've made a big difference in Chris' life!

Dear Myrna,
Your compassion and patience helped me to find my courage, joy, and confidence in & out of the water. Love, Liberty

Our Miracle Baby

Here is the story of a little girl who Myrna calls her "miracle baby." That little girl's name is Nikeesha. She has touched many hearts and has shown many people that great things can happen with love and determination. Nikeesha was born to a young mother and adopted at birth. Her birth mom drank during her pregnancy which resulted in Nikeesha having special needs. Nikeesha is fetal alcohol affected (FAE), has severe ADHD and gross and fine motor skill delays. However, Nikeesha has overcome many developmental delays and is excelling in many areas. She still struggles with her ADHD, FAE and still has motor skill delays, but there is hope for a bright, successful future. She has been in swimming lessons for the past three summers and they have been instrumental in helping Nikeesha work through some of her special needs.

Nikeesha first started swimming lessons in the summer of 2004 at the age of 4 years old. That first summer of swimming lessons were not easy for Nikeesha. She was terrified of the water. She was as tense and nervous as a cat in water. She bit her nails, clung to her grandma or Myrna, shook like a leaf and wouldn't utter a word during her lessons. Nikeesha resisted efforts to get her to swim or to jump in the water and it often brought her grandma to tears. By the end of summer, Nikeesha was floating on her back and had mastered the beginning stages of swimming; however, she still wasn't completely over her fear of having her head in water.

The second summer of swimming lessons, when Nikeesha was 5, was not as difficult but still not easy. Although most of the summer she was afraid of the water, Nikeesha loved Myrna and trusted she would keep her safe. Nikeesha's swimming skills grew and her fear started to fade. By the end of the summer, Myrna and Nikeesha's family were thrilled with her progress. She was jumping in the water, floating on her back well and was closer to being able to swim. Nikeesha still did not like her head in the water but she had developed confidence in the water and knew she could keep herself from drowning.

This third summer of swimming lessons, in 2006, has truly been a summer full of miracles. Nikeesha is now 6 years old. She has overcome her fear of water and is very proud of her new swimming skills. She's jumping and diving off the diving board. She can swim quite a distance which is a great undertaking considering she still has gross motor skill delays. Nikeesha's self confidence has grown to new heights. She's proud to say she's "a fish" now. She loves retrieving hoops under the water and enjoys having people watch her do tricks. She loves swimming and loves time spent with Myrna.

When one looks at Nikeesha's continued progress over the years, one can understand what Myrna means when she says Nikeesha is her "miracle baby."

Thank Myrna for Everything

I am writing this testimony to let you all know what a wonderful person Myrna Shaneyfelt is. The Community of Grants Pass is very fortunate to have such a wonderful person to help teach their children a needed life skill. Our son Tyler has some medical issues, low muscle tone, visual impairment and some speech issues. He was quite afraid of the water and really didn't like deep water at all. We were recommended to Myrna by our Physical Therapist. We have been coming to swim lessons with Myrna since July of 2006. In just one short month, she has Tyler diving off of a diving board, doing side breathing the full length of the pool, and doing a scissor kick in the water. Those things are very difficult tasks for anybody to handle, let alone a special needs child. Our family will forever be indebted to Myrna for teaching Tyler how to save his life. I am very confident that if he was ever to fall into deep water with all of his clothes on he would know instantly what to do.

The dreams that Myrna has about building the Aquatic Wellness Center are a needed item that this community would greatly benefit from. Our family will always support this endeavor and we Thank Myrna for everything.

Love always, Tyler's Family

I Love To Swim!!!!

Thank you Myrna, for helping me to swim, save my life, float on my back, even dive through a hoop in a sitting position off the diving board and having soooooo much fun. I can do more in the water than I can on land and I LOVE TO SWIM!!!!

Love, Tai

P.S. Tai has Cerebral Palsy






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