Virginia Hunt Newman
Founder and Chairman of World Aquatics Babies Conference

In the early 1950's after many years of competition and participation in water shows for the USO and Hollywood Victory Committee Virginia started teaching infants to swim, privately.

1963 - Mary Frances Crosby, daughter of Bing Crosby, at the age of two was given an American Red Cross Beginner's certificate becoming the youngest in the history of the Red Cross to pass the skill tests.


1966 - Marissa Wayne, daughter of John Wayne, at age 15 months was given a certificate of Merit by the then Amateur Athletic Union for proficiency in swimming.


1967 - TEACHING AN INFANT TO SWIM was published by Harcourt Brace & World. It was the first book published on infant swimming, translated into six languages and sold 100,000 copies.


1971 - Given service award by Aquatics Council of American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.


1973 to 1983 - Owner and director of Newman Swim Academy, specializing in infant swimming.

Keynote speaker at Nation Aquatic Conference for United States Swimming Foundation.


1976 to 1977 - Taught course in infant swimming at Indiana University of Penn. at Indiana, Pennsylvania aquatic school.


1980 - Became the Executive Director of U.S. Swimming Foundation


1981 - Taught six month old baby who swam in the movie Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields.


1983 - National Honor Award - Aquatic Council of AAHPERD.


1983 - TEACHING AN INFANT TO SWIM - second edition published.


1984 - Executive director, First National Aquatic Babies Conference at Los



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